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RXACTIVE is the world’s first performance wear with built-in resistance panels designed to give you a better workout.

Functional fitness wear with built-in resistance panels designed to tone muscle more effectively, burn calories faster, and help you get the most out of your workouts.

Burn Calories

Kick your cardio into high gear. Working out with RXACTIVE increases your heart rate and helps you burn up to 14% extra calories.

Tone Muscles

RXACTIVE increases activation of key muscle groups by 23%. Wear it with weight bearing exercises to improve muscle tone and bone density.

Save Time

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to hit the gym. Extra resistance means extra results in less time. Get your 30-minute workout done in 20.


Wearable Resistance Technology

RXACTIVE was developed at New York University by a team of medical students, designers, and athletes. We applied principles from anatomy and kinesiology to invent a new kind of resistance-enhanced fitness wear that maximizes workout efficiency.
Our innovative clothing technology balances resistance and comfort with the familiarity of workout gear to amplify your workout experience in a way that feels improved but not disruptive.

-  Specially-designed elastic panels add resistance to every step
-  Dynamic compression system reacts to movement and provides extra support
-  Sleek outer layer features a unique seam design for a secure fit
-  Light inner lining wicks moisture and maximizes comfort over extended workouts

About Us

Check out our story as an NYU startup

RXACTIVE was founded by a team of NYU medical students, designers, and athletes seeking to upgrade the way people train by revolutionizing the clothes they wear. Thanks to the NYU community, which provided us with funding, training, and connections, we were able to build early prototypes of our first product. Last year, our awesome resistance shorts won first place at NYU’s $200k Entrepreneurs Challenge and second place at NYU’s InnoVention Competition.

Our Team

founding team
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